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As you enter this masterplanned community – what will welcome you is an imposing entrance with an exquisitely designed gate with high perimeter fences.

Security and safety of the homeowners is of utmost priority here. Gates are on duty 24/7 to prevent unauthorized entry. With this, you can be assured of protection not only during daytime, but more so at night. You and your family members sleep peacefully with this thought.

What will excite the homeowners is the swimming pool, thus, you and your love ones can enjoy frolicking in the pool water and have fun anytime of the day. You can bond here for a longer time during weekends and holidays. At any time you feel like it, just plunge into the pool and linger on. After a hard day’s work, you deserve this indulgence.

The landscapes are what you will wake up to. Imagine looking at your bedroom windows with the morning sunset amidst the greeneries in the background. What a calming feeling. It’s enough to help you start off your day on a positive note. Mornings will be brighter and sweeter. Or you can relax and stare at the beautiful sunsets right where you are in your neighborhood. Nature’s daily wonders that are certainly priceless!

For the kids, play parks are everywhere where they can have the time of their lives just doing what they love best – play! The parents will not worry about their children’s safety, as these are all safe and child-friendly. Parents can watch over their children as they play and they can lounge around or relax as they do this. Definitely, going into the play parks is one of the amenities that homeowners will look forward to. No nee to go outside the confines of your own homes. It is right at your own doorsteps.

A clubhouse where you can celebrate life’s milestones is one of the amenities that you and your love ones can utilize most. No need to set-up events outside your community. In your own clubhouse, you can choose to celebrate your birthday, your family members’ birthdays, or graduations, baptismal parties or wedding showers. Or if you just want to chill and hang around, go to the Clubhouse anytime for bonding and relaxation.

For the sporty ones – a basketball court and a tennis court is available. You can opt to play basketball or tennis with family members, friends and neighbors. Form your teams and engage in competitive but friendly games. Make sure to invite relatives or friends over to watch you. It must be fun so share this excitement with your love ones. Enjoy the playtimes as you wind down and forget all about business or work for the meantime. There’s a time for everything – a work-life balanced lifestyle is what you want. You can do this while staying in this lovely community. Go on basketball and tennis playing sprees while living here at CAMELLA La Mirande.

The paved roads and streets in this neighborhood are all well-lighted and in case you or your love ones want to do healthy family activities – you can do jogging and running along their jogging trails. Health is wealth, as they say. A running family will make for a happy and healthy family, too. Activities like this will keep families’ bonds stronger.

With the scenic greeneries and lush terrains as backdrop every day with rows and rows of Italian houses in this community, it is no wonder that good life keeps flowing. Mornings are good and nights are even better. Nothing beats waling up to captivating sunrises and capping the day with beautiful sunsets. 

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